Orange Flower Lamp with Two Buds Design 2

  • This flower bud-shaped lamp is made from orange-colored hanji. Because the stem of the lamp contains the wires that you can connect to a power source with, it is flexible and can be easily bent. On the other hand, the base of the lamp is stiff because it was molded into this shape from paper clay. However, like the flower bud, it is later covered by naturally-colored hanji.

    The different parts of the lamp are handmade, making the manufacturing process very long and rigorous: it takes around 2 weeks for the flower bud to dry completely, 1 week for the the base to dry from paper clay, and 2 weeks for the hanji on the base to dry.

    Materials : Hanji (Korean mulberry paper),  bonsai wire, paper, wiring components, stone, Flour


    Size : 6"W x 18"H